Hey There...
You may be wondering  why I am starting this amazing podcast network you want to become a part of...

I've been in media for a little over 17 years. I started out as an editor-in-chief for SC Black News. That experience was so amazing, I made the decision to start my own newspaper, New Urban News. It was a great way to reach my community and share with them the fantastic resources they had access to -- but a few years after starting the paper, I realized the world was changing. Print media was no longer trending I got out. I moved into radio and had successful radio shows on terrestrial radio - WPAL, Heaven 1390 and Star 99.7 fm in Charleston, SC.

What was different between radio and the news was, the news reported but radio made you understand people better. Since then, I have started several podcasts for clients and myself, and now I'm extending that opportunity to you.

To be an Under the Shade Tree Podcast host, you must be engaging, fun, have a perspective you're willing to defend without being offensive to your co-host(s) and be willing to spread the word about your show. We will provide everything else. The tools, the storage, the setup and support. Just bring your "A" game.

So if you've ever wanted to be the voice, instead of cheering on the sidelines...this is your chance.

Take it.

 jaha Knight
Karasi Media Group 
New Urban News
Poet Speak Radio 
step 1 - complete the application
Step 1 is to complete the application and tell us what you're interested in discussing. Please remember this is mainly a review network.

We review television and movies. Mainly for the purpose of entertainment and perspective. 
What Happens After the Application?
If chosen, you will be asked to complete an episode in the Season Rewind of the show you've chosen.

What is a Season Rewind?
Well more than likely the show you've chosen to review will have previous seasons. The rewind is the process of reviewing the shows of the previous season(s) before the season begins anew.

This is a real life "interview". If you're asked back for more than one show, it will be because you are a finalist. 
What is my time commitment?
Be available for your show and the Afterdark for about 1.5 hours each week of the season for your show.

What equipment will I need?
Always show up with a pair of headphones and a good microphone. The microphone can be on the headphones itself. You don't need anything super fancy if you don't want to invest in that level of equipment. You will need to be on a stable connection while we are on air. No Starbucks or public wifi. Please be in a safe space with minimal noise.
Will I have a format to follow?
Absolutely. We always have a format for each show to keep things on track. You will be emailed a format for the show before we begin. Your job is to have it printed for yourself or live on your phone so you can refer to it if you need it. 
About Us
Under the Shade Tree Podcast Network is a TV and Movie Review Network. It is owned by Karasi Media Group, a digital media agency.
Opening Hours
Mon-Thu: 9:00am-6:00pm EST
Atlanta, GA
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